ATL & Senior Living

Growing Senior Population

The population of seniors has been projected to grow significantly in the coming 15 years nationally and internationally. As baby boomers continue to age in Vancouver, the proportion of senior residents is projected to rise from 1 in 8 today, to 1 in 4 by 2031. The pressure on senior living is compounded by high rental costs and low vacancy rates. The average rent for senior living in BC was $2,965 in 2016, which has increased 3% from the previous year. Whereas, the overall vacancy rate drops steadily for the fourth consecutive year to 6.3% in 2016. These facts have a sobering implication on future needs in healthcare, recreation, transportation, housing, and community design. Governments at all levels have been active to provide services and supports to a growing number of older and more vulnerable seniors, including physical amenities and healthcare improvement to fulfill the needs of the growing senior population.

Source: Senior Housing Report, CMHC (July 2016); Seniors in Vancouver, City of Vancouver (Oct. 2010)

Who We Are

ATL Senior Living specializes in the development and operation of senior communities in Metro Vancouver, with our current key projects being in Maple Ridge and Surrey. Our senior living communities offer a wide range of world class services and amenities to meet residents’ health and lifestyle needs. We have primarily assisted living, as well as dementia care units. The comprehensive design of our senior communities is stemmed from our passion in the industry, as well as extended period of research and planning.

In every ATL retirement residence, we strive to create a harmonious, age-friendly community that fully promotes the well-being for seniors in full spectrum, rather than merely a place to live. What separates ATL Senior Living from our competitors is that our senior communities emphasize in providing residents a holistic environment to live in and patient-centred services to heal with. At ATL, our senior residents have a deep sense of belonging.

As part of ATL’s holistic approach, we offer a wide range of specialized programs and services to help seniors be the best in mind, body and spirit. This includes restorative care, art therapy, and pastoral care per residence needs. ATL also has a professional, interdisciplinary healthcare team available to coordinate senior needs in individualized health plan assessment, physiotherapy, and dementia care. As we believe in knowledge-based and professional healthcare services, our team has always been striving to achieve the highest standard with continuous learning and improvement.

We Can Help

ATL Senior Living plays an important role in mitigating tremendous socio-economic impact of the growing senior population. British Columbia and Canada are facing the challenges and rapid increase in demands in senior living. Our long-term goal is to emerge as an undisputed leader in the realms of senior living in Canada, and fulfill our mission of "improving the well-being of the people we serve by promoting dignity and independence through the aging process".

With the well developed and sustainable business model of the Centre of Excellence, we aim to develop premium quality senior living communities to meet the huge demands in Metro Vancouver and British Columbia. Along with government mandates, our senior living communities will promote age-friendly environments to encourage independence and active aging by optimizing opportunities for health, participation, and security to enhance the quality of life as people age. Senior citizens are an important part of our society. Collaboratively, we believe that aging independently and gracefully is a key to embrace this important chapter of life.

Senior Living Partners

As a senior care service provider, we value the partnerships with BC Care Providers Association, BC Senior Living Association, and Alzheimer Society of BC; we strive to provide the highest standards of Independent and Assisted Living based on industry guidelines.