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Kanaka Creek Seniors Centre has been home to seniors in Maple Ridge, British Columbia since 1976. The senior residents who lived here had a wide range of needs in retirement, which were well taken care of by the professional and passionate staff. The earthy and holistic environment at Kanaka was perfect for retirement living yet affordable. Residents enjoyed walking down the trails along Kanaka Creek, and rested in summer breezes of Kanaka Creek Regional Park in a hot day. Nothing is comparable to the beauty of Mother Nature and its power to heal. Senior living in Kanaka Creek Seniors Centre have the privilege of being surrounded by the Mother Nature. The caregivers here were caring, helpful, and knowledgeable. They listened to residents’ needs and took care of seniors with extra patience. Some seniors spent more than a decade in the centre, where they found Kanaka Creek a genuine home for retirement.

In early 2016, a merciless fire drastically engulfed Kanaka Creek Seniors Centre; consequently, the building was demolished. Fortunately, everyone was safely evacuated and no single person was injured during the accident, including all staff and seniors. Although the seniors have been relocated to other retirement residences, it was difficult for each one of them to see their home being destroyed. The staff of Kanaka Creek Seniors Centre played a crucial role in comforting the seniors during this hard transition stage.

For the coming year, Kanaka Creek Seniors Centre will be redeveloped into a larger-scale Kanaka Creek Senior Community. While the location remains the same, the new building will be developed into an upgraded community to accommodate at least three times more seniors than the previous centre. The new redevelopment will not be limited to structural improvements, but also extensions of programs and services which will be more comprehensive and patient-centred to better meet the needs of seniors. The former residents are excited about the new development and looking forward to moving back to Kanaka Creek again. The legacy of Kanaka Creek Seniors Centre will continue with this new development.

This resident portal is an opportunity to consider the retirement lives of seniors in Kanaka Creek Senior Community. It also provides a platform for residents and family members to exchange opinions by encouraging everyone to actively participate and voice out. During the redevelopment process, all opinions and suggestions are welcomed to make Kanaka Creek Senior Community a better place for retirement.