Retirement Living Checklist

How to choose a right retirement residence for me or a loved one in Vancouver Canada?

Retirement residences or senior communities vary in location, size, price, amenities, programs and services. The mix of staff and residents also contributes greatly to the "personality" of each place. Which is why it is important to look beyond the physical structure and spend the necessary time to ask questions, talk with people and generally "sample the product".

We suggest several ideas, which should help you make the right personal choice:

  • While touring a retirement residence or community, talk to the residents about their perceptions of the living space
  • Plan to stay or return another day for a complimentary lunch or dinner
  • Don't limit your tour to suite and common areas. Ask to see the kitchen
  • If you would really like to "kick the tires" inquire about a trial visit or an overnight stay
  • Ask for resident family references you can contact for their opinions
  • Beyond the standard tour, check stairwells and other less traveled areas to see how well they're cleaned and maintained
  • Ask for copies of any paperwork required for admission along with samples of menus, activity calendars and newsletters
  • You may also consider hiring a consultant to help you find a suitable retirement residence. A consultant may also assist you with the actual move and other arrangement, such as special healthcare or dietary needs


Use the following checklist to identify the types of services and amenities available:

Service Available

Community Services

Building Amenities

Suite Amenities

Financial Matters 

Admission Policies 

BCSLA Membership