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Am I ready?

Is your current health and/or physical state affecting your ability to perform day-to-day tasks? This quick survey may help you decide if this is the best choice for you!

Retirement living is a lifestyle option for seniors to enjoy a life free from chores and home maintenance.

You will engage in a social environment with neighbours of your age with whom you may share similar interests and personalities with.

ATL Senior Living communities offer a wide range of amenities, programs, and activities for you to participate in. Best of all, everyday is different!

Whether you are looking to live independently or need a little bit of care, our communities allow you to “age in place” without having to move homes. Live in the safety of our residences by having our personal staff monitor any changes in your condition.

Am I ready?

1) Do you notice that you are having a less active lifestyle and a greater tenancy to stay home?

2) Is the exterior of your home less well maintained than usual?

3) Has there been a change in the quality of your communication or the frequency of communication with others

4) Recently, has there been a change in visit patterns in which less and less people been invited to your home?

5) Are there unopened bills and mail?

6) Is your home unkempt? Are your laundry and/or dishes piling up?

7) Have you been experiencing unexplained weight loss?

8) Have you been having difficulty navigating around your home on your own?

9) Has any of your friends and/or family expressed concern for your well-being?

10) Has your physician or any other health care provider recommended a move to a senior living residence?