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Located near the city center of Surrey, BC, the seniors of Camellia Residences will have easy access to a wide array of parks, services and nearby amenities that include Central city Shopping Center, City Center Library, Guildford Town Centre, Landmark Cinema, and Green Timbers Urban Forest Parks. With only a few walking distances from Gateway Skytrain Station, residents will also enjoy the easy access to Metrotown and downtown Vancouver.


Camellia Residences has on-site amenities that include:

  • Dining
  • Library
  • Card Room
  • Private Dining Room
  • Lounge
  • Business Center
  • Billboard Room
  • Multi-purpose Culinary Room
  • Guest Suite
  • Salon
  • Integrate Medical Clinic
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Child Daycare
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Floor Plan

Camellia Residences has 4 main unit styles for our prospective residents to choose from:


Level 2-4

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enclosed area

410 SQFT 平方英尺

outdoor patio

44 SQFT 平方英尺

total area

454 SQFT 平方英尺

1 Bedroom

enclosed area

537 SQFT 平方英尺

outdoor patio

67 SQFT 平方英尺

total area

604 SQFT 平方英尺

1 Bedroom + Den

enclosed area

647 SQFT 平方英尺

outdoor patio

66 SQFT 平方英尺

total area

713 SQFT 平方英尺

2 Bedrooms

enclosed area

802 SQFT 平方英尺

outdoor patio

92 SQFT 平方英尺

total area

894 SQFT 平方英尺


Camellia Service Packages

Enjoy resort-style living at Camellia Residences with our amazing Service Packages!

Starting at: $

起始价: $

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Invest in Senior Living


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Our Team

Our team is comprised of professionals in all fields:

At Camellia Residences, we have placed a wide array of trained professionals that will help us fulfill our mission of improving the overall well-being of our residents.

ATL Senior Living

ATL is committed to improving the well-being of the people they serve by promoting dignity and independence through the aging process, and to share a passion for helping seniors embrace this important chapter of life. With a concentration on the 4 core values of Patient Centred Care, Service Excellence, Respect, and Community Quality Care. ATL is driven to become the leader of Canada’s senior housing industry through a combination of knowledge-based healthcare practices, world class services, and wholehearted dedication.

Ankenman Associates Architects

Established in 1980, Ankenman Associates Architects is one of the more diverse architectural practices south of Fraser River with deep roots in the community and an extensive understanding of the local environment. Architectural commissions have included residential, education, recreation, health care, institutional, commercial and hospitality projects. Throughout the years, Ankenman Associates Architects have won multiple awards including the Gold Georgie Award Best Residential Community of the Year and the Canadian Home Builders Association New Home Award.


Shrubb Design

Creating unique and inspiring spaces, Shrubb Design pushed boundaries and considers the unexpected to deliver truly unique and radiant interiors. Shrubb Design has an in-depth knowledge of retirement living needs and functional concerns gained through multiple senior living projects.


Ventana Construction

Ventana is a full-service construction partner, not simply a general contractor or construction manager. They offer a range of value-added services for their clients that generally fall outside the scope of most other companies – those services help their clients succeed with their projects.

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Surrey's Retirement Community That You Can Own!

Camellia Residences is built on the values of community, love and dignity. Camellia offers a wonderful connection and emotional support for like-minded individuals embracing this exciting chapter of life.

The very essence of being human is the joy and happiness that is gained from our combined interdependence on one another. We are better together. We crave community, friendship, and love.

Our team is dedicated to creating a wonderful community experience for the residents who live here. Camellia offers an exemplary level of service for you to thrive comfortably in independent or assisted living.

Contact us at 604-753-9697 for more information on how you can own and invest in a retirement condo!


Camellia Residences is located in a quiet, residential neighbourhood at 10928 132 St. Surrey, B.C.

There’s so much
to be gained.

Building new friendships is one of the most important things you can do for both your physical and mental health. Laughter, joy and companionship is the recipe for aging well.

Those who take the step of joining an ATL Seniors community find they gain control; control over their physical well-being, control over their mental outlook, control over friendships, activity, nutrition, finances and so much more.

Take control of your tomorrow.

Take control of the future by ensuring your or a loved one's living needs are taken care of.

  • The senior population (65+) and the need for additional senior focused housing is rapidly increasing in BC
  • The senior population (19% currently) will represent 25% of BC’s population by 2031, meaning 1 in 4 will be a senior
  • An additional 360,000 seniors in Greater Vancouver by 2031
  • Vacancy rates for independent senior living in BC was 3% in 2018, 4.5% in 2017 and 6.3% in 2016

Benefits of moving into a retirement residence:

  1. Access to social and recreational programs
  2. Peace of mind with 24/7 security
  3. Resort-style living
  4. Opportunities to grow and learn new things
  5. Less and expenses and free from daily chores
  6. Healthcare at your doorstep
  7. Make new friends!


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