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Invest in Senior Living

More than a few of our friends have moved out of the Lower Mainland – to Vancouver Island or the interior. However, many of us have decided to make our forever home here in the Greater Vancouver area. We love it here!
The challenge of living in this beautiful place is maintaining equity, being a confident investor, and having a healthy retirement fund, even if we’re a long way away from escaping the “daily grind”.
British Columbians (and particularly Vancouver and the Lower Mainland) appear to be living in a continuing rising real estate market. People need to plan, save early, and one of the smartest ways to consider investing is in senior living. It’s a smart investment in the kind of infrastructure you probably want to have access to when you retire.

Senior Living Investment
As with any investment (futures, mutual funds, or real estate), there are always risk factors to consider. When you consider a purchase in a senior living community, you maintain a firm foothold in the retirement residence and local real estate sector. Market value condominiums offer a range of amenities, including housekeeping, personal support, and health services.

Seniors are considering senior housing with more frequency than in the past, and those moves are occurring at a much younger age than in the past. Part of this is driven by a vast range of senior living options that make life easier, particularly including those where there is no immediate need for assisted-living care.

They can enjoy a concierge lifestyle and the freedom to live and play at their leisure.

Camellia Residences, an ATL senior living community in Surrey, differs from other homes as you are offered homeownership as an option. By providing homeownership, you can achieve more significant savings on their monthly rental expense. In doing so, residents are offered world-class services at a very reasonable price.

The community at Camellia Residences will not look any different than any other luxury townhouse development, but inside — you’ll experience the difference. From on-site health care services, meal plans, wellness programs, and housekeeping and bed linen service and unlimited use of activity areas, you’ll be able to live the confident lifestyle that you deserve.

Should You Invest?
Why should you consider investing in a senior living facility if it will be a while — perhaps even decades before you can take advantage of it? It’s a stable long-term investment for the most part.

When you near your retirement age, you might consider investing in an ATL development that you’ll be using sometime in the next decade. Between 2018 and 2019, the percentage of seniors living in the province increased from 14% to 18%. By 2029, just 9 years from now, it’s estimated that seniors will make up roughly 20 percent of the population. What does this mean for you? According to a provincial report from the Office of the Seniors Advocate of British Columbia, this bulge is going to affect how and where we want to live. Investing now in a well-managed senior living facility — such as the team at ATL has as their mission — could turn into a very lucrative investment over the next decade.

The last 20 years have made the concept of senior living communities over assisted living facilities or nursing homes much more attractive. As a result, the need for this kind of investment will continue to grow over the next two decades. Investing in senior living isn’t just right for your wallet in the short term, it’s a great way to invest in the kind of infrastructure you’re going to need when you finally reach those golden years, and considering the BC real estate market over the past 20 years – it’s a wise decision. When you are ready to start investing, senior living is a great choice — it offers not only short-term returns, but a more comfortable retirement experience in the long term.