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Moving into a senior community means stepping into the next chapter of your life. Learn about life at ATL.

When it comes to choosing the right community, the first step is to ask questions and it is important to ask the right ones. Here are some questions that we are frequently asked.

In the coming 15 years, the global population of seniors is expected to grow significantly. Along with this growth is the increasing concerns for dementia care and senior housing. With these tremendous challenges, ATL Senior Living plays a significant role in mitigating the impacts of the growing senior population.

Is your current health and/or physical state affecting your ability to perform day-to-day tasks? Or are you an elderly individual who simply want to free themselves from the burden of day-to-day chores? This quick survey may help you decide if a move to a senior community is the best choice for you!

Have you been increasingly concerned for the well-being of your elderly loved one? We know how difficult it is for you to come to such an important decision, so we have prepared a quick questionnaire to help you!

With all the different health and physical needs that come with aging, we know how important it is to find a home that fulfills all your demands. To assist you in making the best possible choice, we have assembled this printable checklist for you to bring along to your upcoming tours!