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Restaurant Operator

Qualified applicants should demonstrate experience and knowledge of restaurant operations – including finance, design, marketing, leasing, and management.

Applicants must demonstrate at least 10 years of tracking records of quality products, services and reputation.

Medical Clinic Operator

The ideal candidate is one who can incorporate a Full Service Integrated Medical Clinic which includes the following services: family physician, physiotherapy, massage, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture.

All are welcomed to apply and will be assessed based on compatibility and competitiveness.

Daycare Operator

To bridge the gap between the senior and younger generations, Camellia Residences will provide on-site child daycare services to implement intergenerational programs in our senior community.

Selection for the Daycare Operator will be based on the operator’s qualifications and knowledge; related work experience and depth of experience; overall strength of proposal and the tour of the operator’s site.